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Unconscious Bias

This module aims to provide an introduction to the topic of inclusion. It is suitable for anyone who is starting to explore this topic or as a refresher for people who already know a little about the basics.

The information you will find has been developed based upon theory and experience, and has been taken from a variety of sources. You will also see information that may be familiar, as some of the learning is interdependent with other modules.

The benefits to completing this module are that you will be able to link this to the way in which you perceive & actively work and manage others at a deeper level. This is the level #2 to our required ‘Equality, Diversity & Human Rights’ required level #1.


Module sessions

  • Introduction
  • What is inclusion?
  • What is exclusion?
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Unconscious bias
  • Motivation
  • Summary

Sample Content

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